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Translation Jobs for freelance translators and agencies

2/24/2023 English to Korean, Translation/Review, UI Related, 5k words per week English - Korean Closed
2/24/2023 Manga Translation Japanese - English Closed
2/24/2023 Future Trans| VO, Voice recording Collections Project- in Multiple languages (Coll.3) Czech - Czech Closed
2/24/2023 Translation English - Arabic Closed
2/21/2023 Possible future collaboration/Help for evaluation of different translation engines for machine translation EN-FR SDL Trados project English - French (Canada) Closed
2/21/2023 audio guide English - German Closed
2/21/2023 Mobile App development project. English - Spanish Closed
2/21/2023 Mobile App development project. English - Spanish Closed
2/21/2023 App Grading – Hong Kong Chinese Simplified - English Closed
2/17/2023 Translation English - Arabic Closed
2/17/2023 Rédaction de supports pédagogiques pour apprendre le coréen en ligne French - Korean Closed
2/15/2023 Interview transcription from audio Spanish (Latin America) - English Closed
2/13/2023 Book translation English - Spanish Open
2/13/2023 Wanted: Translation Research Participants Chinese Simplified - English Open
2/13/2023 Book translation English - French Closed
2/11/2023 Gaming, gambling translation, native French (African dialect) English - French Closed
2/11/2023 Remote Interpreting, Simultaneous/ JA-EN Japanese - English Closed
2/9/2023 Chinese Indonesian MTPE Translators Needed Chinese Simplified - Indonesian Open
2/9/2023 Translation English - Greek Closed
2/9/2023 Search Engine Evaluator for French Speakers in Canada French - French Closed