How Translators Can Find and Be Accepted for Freelance Translation Jobs
Compared to other freelance jobs, qualifications for freelance translation jobs are more stringent. Foremost of the requirement is at least three years experience as a professional translator.
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The Freelance Translator and Quality Assurance
To ensure the highest quality translation, you should only accept translation jobs where you are a native speaker of the target language and possess professional expertise in the subject matter.
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How Does a Freelancing Bidding Site Work?
A good way to start your freelancing career is to utilize the freelance bidding sites on the Internet.
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Virtual Networking 101 for freelance translators and small translation agencies
This Article gives a little insight into the mechanism of online networks for self-promotion and marketing of freelancers.
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Tips on Winning More Bids on the Freelance Bidding Sites
Show potential clients that you can be the professional they need by making your bids stand out from the others.
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Ten essential tips for getting a professional translation
The number of translation agencies and freelance translators is growing daily
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How much work should a freelance translator take on?
Freelance translators are a group of self employed professionals much like any other similar group.
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Be a Professional Translator and Deliver Great Translation Services
If translation services were an easy thing to deliver, automatic translators would be kings...
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What Is Phone Interpreting
When a translation company answers the phone they often get clients who say that they need a translator.
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Why You Need Document Translation
Document translation is a huge part of businesses all over the globe.
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