Business Interpreting Service
Our free service helps you to locate interpreters specific to your interpretation needs and meeting all the criteria dictated by the type of interpreting you are seeking.
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Translating Tips for Multi Language Website
Designing a multilingual website might initially seem overwhelming. There are many companies offering website translation services.
1 rating(s) | 10002 view(s)
Why Specialization In Language Translation Matters
The demands of today's market require that competent professional translators specialize in specific fields.
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How to Effectively Evaluate Business Translation Needs
Business translation is the art of expressing the sense of words and/or text in a different language.
12 rating(s) | 8633 view(s)
Business Translator - How To Be A Good Translator
To translate documents well, you need a good translator.
48 rating(s) | 13628 view(s)
Website Translation and Localization: DIY Guide
Find a RIGHT translator - get a well-educated native speaker of a language you are going to have your text translated into ("target language").
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French/English Translation: The Unusual History of the English Language
In brief, due to the vagaries of history, French/English translation is relatively easy compared to other language pairs.
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5 Steps to Successful Document Translation  
Software and website localization is just as important as localization of your documents.
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Translation and localization services to boost product penetration
Online translation and other certified translation services that are the key jobs of a professional translation agency.
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Trusting in Translation
Translation companies are more than just document translation professionals.
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