Resume/CV translation service
Our free service helps you to locate translators specific to your CV translation needs.
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Resume Translation
Our free service helps you to locate translators specific to your needs and meeting all the criteria dictated by the type of translation you are seeking.
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Resume Writing - Get That Job
Looking for a new job, whether it is with a new company or a promotion within your own organisation, requires time and effort.
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Tips on Winning More Bids on the Freelance Bidding Sites
Show potential clients that you can be the professional they need by making your bids stand out from the others.
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How much work should a freelance translator take on?
Freelance translators are a group of self employed professionals much like any other similar group.
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How to win a job at Useful tips for freelance translators
Tips for freelance translators and translation agencies that might help to get a translation job.
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Getting started as Freelance Translator
The translation industry is booming but it's hard to find work with no degree in translation, some translation experience, excellent language skills.
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Guidelines to Finding a Professional Translator at
Tips for translation clients to get translation services offered by translators' registry.
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Do You Need Help Writing A Winning Cover Letter?
Your resume will then be read. If your resume is as powerful as your cover letter, an interview will be scheduled.
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How To Create A Great Electronic Resume
Tip: Read through your resume, see if you can't describe qualifications, degrees, or job titles in alternative ways throughout the resume.
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