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A form of advertisement, brochures may be used to promote locations, events, products or services. They are typically crisp and charming in language and conspicuous in design, and can be distributed via direct mail or trade shows. Other places where a great variety of brochures can be found include airports, hotels, markets, famous scenic spots and information centers that are frequented by tourists.

Brochures most generally appear as folded single sheets and booklets. They are typically printed in high-quality paper and contain attractive texts and colorful images. When translating brochures, it is crucial that the translator is able to “capture” the style and tone of the writing in source language and “convey” them in the writing in target language. It is almost like copywriting, as he or she needs to come up with topics and paragraphs in the translation that are as creative, fluent, eye-catching and persuasive as those in the original, if not more. It is therefore recommended that brochures are translated by professional translators who are skilled or have previous experience in advertising. Knowledge in graphics and layout design is also desirable, in order to successfully format texts and images within the limited space provided.

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