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A business plan is a formal statement of an organization’s business goals, the reasons why it believes these goals are achievable, and its plans for actually achieving them. A business plan may also contain other items such as the organization’s background information and marketing plan, e.g. how to change and/or enhance the organization’s customer perception and branding.

Business plans can be composed by for-profit corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies. They can be externally focused and targeting stakeholders, investors and customers, or written for internal personnel such as the organization’s executives, managers and other employees. In either case, in order to develop a business plan, an organization needs to review its past and current strategies and performances and evaluate them against a list of “critical success factors”, i.e. elements or activities that are fundamental and/or necessary for this organization to achieve its goals. Such review and evaluation allows the organization to clearly identify its needs, as well as how and who can best fulfill them.

Business plans need to be translated by professional translators who have sufficient knowledge and experience in fields related to the organizations’ sectors. Their translation should be clear, precise and free of error.

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