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A resume is a document that lists or summarizes a person’s relevant qualifications, skills and experiences. It is typically used when the person seeks employment (as opposed to a curriculum vitae [CV] that focuses more on a person’s academic achievements and is used when he or she pursues further education or training). The resume is typically the first item that employers encounter when processing job applicants.

A person’s resume typically highlights those experiences and credentials that he or she considers as being most relevant to the desired position. These items and their specifications may be organized chronologically or according to their fields and/or functions. In order to enhance his or her employability, the person may also use precise keywords that appeal to potential employers and display relevant items in a flattering manner. Whatever its content, the composition and complexity of a resume depend on the person and the industry in which he or she seeks employment.

Resumes do not need to be translated by certified translators. However, it is recommended that only professional translators, who have sufficient knowledge and experience in relevant fields and an excellent command of the target language, are appointed to translate resumes.

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