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In property law, a deed is a method of transferring the title of real estate from one person to another. Deeds are important legal documents that define the “metes and bounds” of properties. Like contracts, they require the mutual agreement of more than one person.

For conveyances of real estate, a deed becomes valid after meeting at least the following six criteria. (1) The deed must clearly define the boundaries and contents of the property that is to be transferred. This is usually done by providing a list of “covenants”, or conditions, in the deed. (2) The grantor of the deed must have the legal ability to transfer this property. (3) The grantee must have the legal capacity to receive the property. (4) The signatures of both grantor and grantee must appear on the deed. (5) The deed must be accepted by the grantee. (6) There must be at least one witness who also signs the deed.

Because of these complex factors involved, it is recommended that only certified translators are appointed to translate deeds. As different countries have different property laws and specific regulations regarding transfer of properties, deeds need to be translated clearly, precisely and free of error.

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