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A manual is a document that communicates to the user certain technical information on how to operate a system or product. It is typically written by technicians who are familiar with the design and operational procedure of the system or product.

Manuals are commonly associated with electronic goods, computer hardware and software. They often contain a written guide and various associated images (such as diagrams and screenshots) that describe how the system or product looks and functions. Manuals are typically written in styles that are clear ad easily understandable, with very little or no jargons. Items contained in a manual may include: cover page, title and copyright page, introduction (which explains how to use the manual), contents page, user guide (which specifies how to use the system or product), troubleshooting section (which details possible problems and how to fix them), frequently asked questions, manufacturer’s contact details (where further help can be found), and glossary (or index).

Manuals should only be translated by professional translators, who have sufficient knowledge and experience in fields related to the nature and significance of the system or product. The translation should be clear, precise, free of error and easily understandable as the original.

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