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A manuscript is any document that is written by hand, as opposed to one that is printed or reproduced. As technology advances in time, modern manuscripts may contain pages that are prepared on a typewriter or printed from a computer.

In publishing contexts, a manuscript is an original copy of a work composed by a writer, musician or playwright, which generally follows standardized typographic and formatting rules. (For example, an average book manuscript in 12-point “Times New Roman” font has about 13 words per line and 23 lines per page, so a manuscript of 250 pages has approximately 75,000 words.) Because a manuscript is not the final copy of a work, it may contain notes, mistakes, corrections and other specifications made by its author. In the case of written manuscripts, it may also be difficult to recognize the handwriting of their authors. These are some of the issues that translators need to be aware of while translating manuscripts.

Manuscripts do not need to be translated by certified translators. However, it is recommended that only professional translators are appointed, as they should have sufficient knowledge and experience in fields related to the subject matters of the manuscripts.

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