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In education, a transcript is a list of the courses taken and grades received by a student throughout a course of study. It is sometimes called an academic record. Different countries have different systems in which a student’s academic performance is measured and documented. However, a transcript typically contains all the courses taken and all the grades received by a student in an educational institution, as well as all the honors and degrees conferred to him or her during the course of study. Other items contained in a transcript may include the number of people and the average grade in each class.
Transcripts are official documents issued by educational institutions. They are mainly used on two occasions: when a person is transferring from one institution to another, and when he or she is pursuing a higher degree and requires proof of previous academic achievement. In many countries, certified copies of a transcript are seen as legally valid as the original. Many educational institutions also issue transcripts in which all the course and award titles are already translated into the world’s major languages, including English. Nonetheless, because of their importance, it is recommended that transcripts are translated only by certified translators.

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