Translation of Videos

Job Description

Dear friend:

Please visit the following link:
This video is about a TV Program called “Poder Agropecuario” published in Paraguay.
Then please send me quotation for the translation, which features are:
• Complete translation including pictures, graphs, drawing, etc. contained in the video.
• The job must be performed on the publication that is launched every Sunday. This program has more than 5 years and the job also must be performed on past videos.
• It requires, sub titles in Spanish and proofreading.
• File delivery type: MP3.
• The translator could be living any part in the world, must be certified, native speaker and provide 5 feedbacks and at least two samples of past projects, and willing to qualify for ISO certifications. Due to the program contains parts that is spoken in English, the Translator must contract a native Guarani speaker for the Translation from Guaraní to Spanish first.
• What is the shortest time for delivery?
• This is a long term job and it is requested that a contract for five years be signed.