This project has been closed and is no longer available.

This project has been closed and is no longer available.

Resume transalation

Job Description

• Soubhagya is an IT Professional with 12.7 Years of experience in web based and business-based applications and has worked on various platforms.
• Excellent capability to explore, learn and understand newer business domains and technology.
• Good understanding and experience with software development methodology.
• Excellent team player with problem solving capabilities.
• Good knowledge Application Management involved in deploying servers like
Jetty Server 4.2, Tomcat 6.0, and IBM WebSphere 9.
• Actively involved in providing training to peers and juniors on J2EE.
• Working Knowledge of various design patterns.
• Strong knowledge in Unit Testing using Junit and JMockit.
• Trained Full Stack Java developer.

Educational Qualification:

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology, from Utkal University, Odisha, in the year 2005.

Certifications & Courses:

 Professional Scrum Master PSM-I certified.
 German Language A1 proficient.
 SCJP 1.5 Certified in 2009.
 Insurance Industry Generalist Certified and Banking Industry Generalist Certified

Technical Experience:

Operating Systems WinXP, Win9x, Linux, Unix
Java/J2EE Technologies Core Java, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services, Cloud Technology, Amazon AWS, HTML, CSS, Java Script, AJAX, Angular JS , SWT, Swing, Servlets, JSP, Struts, JDBC, EJB,JIRA
Database DB2, SQL Server 2005, Couch DB, MySQL, Oracle9i
IDE-Java IntelliJ-Idea, Eclipse 3.1, VI Editor, Edit Plus, RAD 9.6.1, RSA 7.0, Spring Source Tool
Build Tool ANT, Maven,Jenkins

Professional Experience:

Experience in Months
Onsite Offshore
IBM India 31
Accenture Services 12 52
Wipro Technologies 7
L&T Infotech 27
Quinnox Consultancy 7
QLC 15

Major Assignments:

(03– 2017) To (present)
Project: Flight Pass
Client Air Canada
Environment: Java 8, Web Service, Spring, Hibernate, Java Script, JSP, Servlet, HTML, Struts, RAD , DB2, MKS, GIT,Windows 10 ,JIRA,Maven
Role: Developer, Team Lead

Flight Pass is a prepaid package of electronic one-way flight credits used for travel within a selected geographic zone during a specific period. A Flight Pass is comprised of fixed or unlimited number of flight credits which can be managed online with ease. The cost of Flight Pass depends on the number of flight trips (one way), popularly known as credits.
Job Responsibilities:

• Getting Requirement from Client and finalizing scope for each release.
• Conduct the DPC calls and UAT calls with Client and other vendors.
• Developing the items for the release and resolve the queries for team members for their items.
• Developing the web services if there is any new web service requirement.
• Designing the DB tables for any new table requirement.
• Unit testing
• Provided KT to new team member
• Interacting with different team members to resolve any dependencies or issues.

(10 – 2016) To (03-2017)
Project: Branded Fare
Client Air Canada
Environment: Java 8, Web Service, RSA, DB2, Windows 10 ,JIRA,Maven
Role: Team Lead, Developer

As part of the new implementation of Branded Fares, Tango and Flex fares will share the same list of booking class codes. For a given passenger booking/eTicket, the method that will be used to differentiate between a Tango passenger and a Flex passenger is the Fare Basis Code. The new Fare Basis Code structure will be as follows:
• First character = booking class code
• Second character indicates Fare Family (T for Tango, F for Flex, L for Latitude)
Job Responsibilities:

• Requirement development, defect fixing
• Developing web services and connect to other teams for dependency resolutions and clarifications.
• Unit testing
• Assign the daily activity task to the team
• Queries and Issue resolving
• Provided KT to new team member

(10 – 2013) To (10 – 2016)
Project: Allianz Business System
Client Allianz
Environment: Core Java, SWT, JFace, Eclipse plugin, DB2, Windows 10 ,Jenkins,Mockito
Role: Team Lead, Developer
ABS is a standard core insurance platform. The application is a Rich Client application for filing insurance claims.

Job Responsibilities:

• Requirement development, defect fixing
• Unit testing using Mockito framework
• Assign the daily activity task to the team
• Queries and Issue resolving
• Maintaining resource tracker
• Co-ordinating Onshore call with client
• Weekly status reporting
• Provided KT to new team member

(08 – 2012) To (10 – 2013)
Project: BestBuy CRM
Client BestBuy
Environment: Core Java, Amazon AWS, Couch DB, Elastic search, Tomcat 7, SVN, Spring Source Tool, Maven, Chef server, Ubuntu, Magellan, Cassandra, Akamai, Varnish, Windows
Role: Developer
BBY Deals Project:
The Digital Insert web application is a presentation layer where the customers are allowed to view all available products on the Weekly Deals, Deal of the Day, to know Top Deals per category products, Most Viewed by the user and allowed them to compare all the products that they are planning to buy and to know the prices and availability of an item on each location in US.
BBY Simplicity Project:
The Best Buy Simplicity website provides customers an online destination to learn about, design and acquire custom technology solutions-- from product selection to installation and ongoing service – in a manner unlike traditional point of sale purchase transactions that are tailored to their individual needs and supported by a team of multi-channel personal advisors.

The BestBuy site provides the customer a facility to redeem their points purchased on the BestBuy site or BestBuy stores. The points can be converted to the certificates and then those certificates can be used to purchase when the customer visits next time.

Job Responsibilities:

• Leading a team of 3 members in my team and guide them in Application Support and Infrastructure Support for my project.
• Assign the daily activity task to the team
• Assign the tickets to the team bucket and distribute them among the team.
• Review and Modify the Design documents when a new build is going to production.
• Publish the release document to the entire team.
• Conducted the KT with the onshore team.
• Worked on cloud infrastructure as a part of IO team and on java related technologies as AO team.
• Defect analysis and defect resolution for the supported applications.

(09 – 2011) To (08 – 2012)
Project: Universal Credit
Client UK Government
Environment: Core Java, Oracle Policy Modeling, OPA Tool, XSLT, XSQL, Web Services
Role: Developer

The Department for Work and Pensions is responsible for welfare and pension policy and is a key player in tackling child poverty. It is the biggest public service delivery department in the UK and serves over 20 million customers.
DWP supports the government’s commitment to being transparent about public finances.
DWP delivers its customer services through three operational organizations.
These are:
1. The Pension service
2. Disability and Carers service
3. Job centre plus
The project was based on AGILE methodology. We maintained the definition of done chart for the daily activities and the progress of the different task in the sprint, social contract, impediments logs and improvement plan documents as part of the documents for the agile methodology. We were conducting daily stand-up call for the daily status within the team, show and tell for the client after the end of the sprint and retrospective call.

Job Responsibilities:
• Prepare high level and low level design document for my assigned module and reviewed the design doc prepared by my juniors.
• OPA screen flow and coding for the OPA screens.
• Defect fixing found during the system and integration testing.
• Conducted the daily standup call for the team.
• Co-ordinated with the external teams to resolve the dependencies.
• Conducted the scrum of scrum calls.
• Helped in preparing the social contracts.
• Prepared the impediments logs and improvement plan.

(09 – 2008) To (11 – 2010)
Project: Payment Suite
Client PBS
Environment: EJB 3.0, Core Java, Spring, Hibernate, IBM WebSphere 6.1, SQL Server 2005, TOAD, JDBC, Power Designer, SVN
Role: Developer
Payment Suite is a service provided by PBS A/S . BS Payments are direct debit transfers which are payments where the payer authorizes the payee to take funds from his bank.BS payments are a core component of Payment Suite.

Job Responsibilities:
• FRD Review and analysis
• Involved in High Level Design and Detail Level Design
• DOM (Document Object Model), DLD (Detail Level Design) and Sequence Diagram
• Coding for the Use Cases assigned
• Test Case preparation for Unit Testing for all the UCs assigned
• Performed JUnit Testing
• Performed System Testing

(02 – 2008) To (08 – 2008)
Project: Insite
Client Field Glass
Environment: JSP, HTML, Java Script, CSS, Tomcat 6.0, SQL Server 2005
Role: Developer
Insite 5.0 is an all-in-one, on-demand application which optimizes the processes associated with procurement and management of contingent labour and other external business services such as consulting projects, outsourced and offshore functions.
Insite gives your organization a secure, central platform and provides measurable results to all participants in the contingent labour procurement process from buyers to suppliers to executive level decision makers.
Job Responsibilities:
• CR fixing.
• Enhancement in the project.

(03 – 2007) To (01 – 2008)
Project: BDMS
Client In-house
Environment: Servlets 2.4, Struts, Swing, HTML, Java Script, Jetty server 4.2, INI File,IntelliJ
Role: Developer
The project BDMS (Backup and Disaster Management Solution) is a product to provide Data Backup/Retrieval Solution for all the computers in a LAN and then from LAN Central Server to an Internet Server which is offsite.
There are two components of this project, BDM-User and BDM-Server.
The first part of Backup Solution is provided by the BDM-User installed on individual computers with in a LAN network and will do backup to LAN Based Backup Server.
The second part of Backup Solution is provided by the BDM-Server will connects to QLC Server and backs up the relevant files.

Job Responsibilities:

• Handling the BDM-User module.
• Prepared the FRS for my project.
• Prepared the Directory Structure for my module.
• Prepared the INI File Structure for my module.
• Done all the class diagrams for my module.
• Developed the HTML pages and Swing UIs for Graphical User Interface.
• Used Jetty server for deployment.

(12 – 2006) To (03 – 2007)
Project: Self-Diagnostic
Client In-house
Environment: Servlets 2.4, HTML, Swing, JavaScript, Jetty Server 4.2, INI File
Role: Developer
Self-Diagnostic is a module available in IQuinox. It’s a new module in IQuinox framework. This module is designed for the purpose of diagnosis of various servers. From this we can know the status of various servers. This module in IQuinox is accessed only by IQuinox admin.

Job Responsibilities:
• Prepared the FRS for my module.
• Done all the class diagrams.
• Prepared the Directory Structure for my module.
• Prepared the INI File Structure for my module.
• Developed the HTML pages and Swing UIs for Graphical User Interface.
• Done all INI File entry for data storage.
• Developed the Servlets pages and Java classes.
• Used Jetty server for deployment.