This project has been closed and is no longer available.

This project has been closed and is no longer available.

Translation project

Job Description

Translation project: The Nature of God and The Nature of Heaven

Languages: English into Norwegian

Book size 5.5" x 8.5", 140 pages; @42000 words?

No strict deadline: say 1 year?
Comments: This is a non-fiction, philosophic book that attempts to resolve the conflict between the evil around us and a meaning and purpose to the Universe. The book has been translated for me into French and Swedish (translators from "Translatorsbase"!) There is one preference, and that is that the translator should preferably be somewhere near Thousand Oaks, California, so that we can meet, occasionally, by appointment, in a neutral venue such as a restaurant (I'll be happy to treat the translator to a cup of coffee!) to monitor progress, discuss the scientific nuances? But there is no deadline!! Payment will be 50% of the agreed price on starting the project, the balance of 50% to be paid on delivery of the completed translation in pdf format. If the book is ever published, either by me or by a publisher in Norway (no guarantees whatsoever!), one copy is reserved for the Translator. What is guaranteed is that if the book is ever published, a sentence in Norwegian: Translated into Norwegian by ........ will appear in the book on the title page, underneath the Author's name (mine!).