Polishing and refining the translation of a novel, consultation with regards to said translation

Job Description


Im writing because I need to translate my book. Its a dark fantasy novel written in Italian (I am originally Italian), in which I have made heavy use at times of dialectal and colloquial expressions. The novel has 181788 words. I am not looking for a translator to translate the whole book, I plan on translating it myself but I will definitely need the help of a native English speaker to refine and polish the language, sort out my doubts and correct my mistakes. We will probably have to check in with each other several times and work on the project together. I have learnt British English but as of now I probably use a mix of different types of English, American, Australian, you name it.

If somebody is interested, Id like to see a translation first of some pages (in attachment), both of my novel and of a couple other novels in Italian, which make a heavy use of dialect. So I can see if you could be the translator for me and you can see whether this is something youre interested in working on. You can also send me a quote before doing the translation of these few pages, because first of all I need to know whether I can afford your service (no point in making you work for nothing!).

Thank you so much for your help,