Korean Linguistic Quality Lead

Job Description

We are looking for experienced Korean linguistic professionals to join our team. As a Korean Linguistic Quality Lead, you will be responsible for reviewing translations that have been completed by our internal team of translators. The ideal candidate for this position will be a linguist with a significant amount of verifiable experience translating in the Medical and Life Sciences fields.

Key Responsibilities
• Develop and maintain quality related processes
• Define account specific LQA strategies with support of the Quality Manager if required
• Work closely with the PMs coordinating the entire cycle of LQA reviews, making sure the schedule is realistic allowing sufficient time for all steps involved in the process
• Create and maintain instructions for reviewers on processes, usage of tools, etc.
• Actively contribute to improvement of systems and procedures, identify issues and propose solutions
• Work closely with the Recruiting Department to identify the need to replace vendors that consistently underperform and whose performance did not improve after action plans were put in place
• Develop and maintain Quality Plans in accordance with client requirements
• Lead root-cause analysis and determine further actions through RCAs. Identify corrective actions to rectify immediate issues and design long-term plans to achieve stable quality levels
• Maintain data on quality and vendor performance as well as produce statistical quality reports
• Assist the account teams in facilitating calls with linguists and client reviewers as needed
• Educate linguists on client review workflow and best practices and resolve quality issues
• Translate andor edit medical documents when needed
• Bachelor’s Degree Translation studies or equivalent required
• A minimum of 5 years of experience as a medical, life sciences translator
• High level of proficiency in utilization of CAT Tools
• Expertise in the use of Translation Quality Assurance Tools, one at the minimum from the following: ApSIC Xbench, Verifika, ErrorSpy, etc.)
• Experience in Project Management is considered a plus
• Native or near-native fluency in both Korean and English languages

Well be looking forward to hearing from you!