Part-time - USA

Job Description

This is a project of Search Engine evaluation, where participants will evaluate unique tasks, made by other users.
▪️During this project, you will encounter a variety of different tasks, each unique with their own guidelines and entrance exam.
▪️You will receive full support and guidance from our team, including Welcome Calls and daily communications.
▪️This project is long-term, please ensure you can commit before applying.

Thanks to this project, we will help develop and optimize a myriad of applications using AI.

• Be a native or fluent English speaker.
• Be currently based in USA, and have lived there for at least 5 years. Our evaluators should be familiar with local stores, points of interest, colloquialisms, etc.
• Have access to a good Internet connection and a computer.
• Be available for at least 20 hours per week - The schedule is totally flexible: you decide when to work!
• Be willing to take our entry certifications to make sure you meet the requirements for this project.