Centific: Technical Content Linguist – Energy and Engineering – Dutch

Job Description

Currently, we are looking for experienced SME in the energy and engineering domain: electricity related technologies, installations, commerce, utilities, and collaborationpartnership programs. The goal and main scope of this role is to ensure technical accuracy and appropriate terminology use from the technical viewpoint and for alignment with Energy and Engineering concepts. Linguistic integrity is not a required item to be checked but can be covered. In other words, in case reviewers notice any linguistic issue, such as a grammatical error, they can report it. Specific requirements will be based on the actual project.

- Native speakers in target language
- Experience in handling engineering andor electricity safety content localization
- Experience in handling energy related content localization
- Knowledge of applicable region-specific regency, state, and local energy regulations
- Minimum college degree in energy field or experience equivalent or, Bachelors degree or higher in an engineering discipline
- Considerable knowledge of energy terminology
- Excellent written and verbal skills in both LANG and English.

Other Requirements:
- 1 specific translation test + CV will be required (in our template)
- Translators will be required to work in either Worldsever (online) or in Trados (offline) if passing the test

Project details:
Duration: Long-term project
Volume: 5k – 6k words per month, the volume will be big for the first job
Frequency: Monthly (TBC), TAT is flexible.
Target: Dutch (Netherland)
Scope: Translation andor review
Tool: Knowledge of CAT tools such as Trados

**A FREE translation test will be applied**

If you are interested in this project, please send your updated resume and check the following:
1. Availability of doing a free test
2. Do you have any energyengineering education background? Did you take solarpower energy courses before?
3. Your estimated daily capacity

Look forward to starting collaborations with you soon! Thank you!