Chansik Cho

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    English - Korean 0.125 USD per word Native Speaker 30 year(s) of experience
    Japanese - Korean 0.1 USD per word 1 year(s) of experience

    Employment History

    • Professor of Korean Department

      Korean Language Professor

      Teaching Korean

    • -Global Qianziwen(1000 Character Chinese Primer) in Four Languages (Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. 2012)ISBN 987-89-6184-285-3 -Translated Herbert Zettle 4th ed. Published by KBI(Korean Broadcasting Institue, 1995) ISBN 8930033717

      2009~2012 Head of the PR & Program Auditing Team 2004~2009 Managing Director of TV Programming and Production 1999 Section Chief of TV Programming and Production 1983 TV Producer

      -Years of Experience in Linear and Non-linear Editing (excellent at VTRs, Edit, Avid, FCP) -International Broadcasiting (Planning and Production) (Satelite and/or Fiber-optics) -Teaching Korean (mainly English-speaking people and some Chinese) (if needed, references will be given)


    • Florida State University



    • Academy of Korean Studies



    • Seoul National University

      German Language & Literature



    • HSK Center

      HSK 1st Degree

    • Human Resources Development of Korea

      Gardening Architecture Craffsman

    • Ministry of Education

      Tutor of Chinese Characters (Kanji) (highest level)

    • Ministry of Culture & Tourism

      English Tour Guide

    • Japan Foundation

      JLPT 1st Degree

    • Association of Korean SCUBA


    • Ministry of Information and Communication

      Ist Degree Internet Information Retriever

    • Minstry of Information and Communication

      Ist Degree Amateur Radio Operator


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