Maria Ines Anez J

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    Spanish - English 0.08 USD per word 8 year(s) of experience
    Portuguese (Brazil) - Spanish 0.07 USD per word Native Speaker 2 year(s) of experience
    English - Spanish 0.07 USD per word Native Speaker 8 year(s) of experience
    Spanish (Spain) - English-UK 0.08 USD per word 4 year(s) of experience
    Spanish (Latin America) - English-US 0.08 USD per word 1 year(s) of experience
    Portuguese (Brazil) - Spanish (Latin America) 0.08 USD per word Native Speaker 1 year(s) of experience

    Employment History

    • Responsible of procurement and renewal of Company Insurance Program, periodic risk analysis, follow up on claims reported to insurance. Regarding responsibilities on Capital Expenses or Investments Projects the position requires planning and control of 5 year plans and annual plans. Also supporting management in objetives control for strategic and annual plans. Compilation of any information and reports referred to insurance and capital expenses required by Board of Directors.

      *Insurance and Investment Projects Analyst: Procurement of renewal of All Risks, Liability, D&O, Automotive, Health and Transport Insurances. Management of Insurance Program. Investment Projects Budget and Control. Collaboration with Strategic Planning (5 year plan). Development of Annual Plan. Collaboration with management in Objectives and Goals control and follow up. Development of Presentations and Reports for Board of Directors and other goverment agencies.

      Strategic Planning, Responsability, Detail, Information Compilation, Team Work, Communication in foreign language, Translation of information to english, Goal oriented.

    • Collaborate with the Project Manager in all aspects of projects executions. Such as budget and schedule control, suppliers evaluations during procurement of project material and resources, information compilation for project finance, technical translations of manuals and procedures for equipment maintenance and processes.

      Project and Development Assistant: Project Budget and Schedule Management. Project Information Control. Project Logistics Assistant. Suppliers Evaluations. Financial Plan Information Backup. Technical Traslation of Manuals and Procedures (English to Spanish). Development of Presentations for Board of Directors Meetings.

      Planning, Budget Control, Traslation, Detail, Logistics, Summary Capacity, Technical Knowledge.


    • Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra

      Risks Analisys and Insurance Management


    • Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra

      Industrial and Systems Engineering



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